About Us

In 2006, A passionate billiards club owner Mark run the biggest billiards club(Angle Billiards) in his city, wanted to make billiards more accessible to everyone. Angle Billiards is well known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent service. The club had a loyal membership of more than 2000 even if located at the basement of the financial and business center of the city of 3 million.

“I love to play pool with my members and chat with them. sometimes they show their new gear to me and lend me to try. I tested over 80% of the main cue brands. So I am familiar with cues.” Said Mark.

Because of 2008' financial crisis, membership has halved within 6 months. Moreover, urban storm waterlogging had flooded Mark's Club located in the basement. And overnight, Mark loses out heavily, business collapses.

But Mark didn't give up. He built HAOSHENG Trading CO., LTD to supply billiards goods and started from scratch in 2009. We are in close partnerships with the best handcraft cue markers&manufacturers in China.

"All exotic woods are hand selected and they are finished to exacting standards of craftsmanship and superior performance to give you the 'feel' you need in a quality MARK RICHARD cue." Said senior cue maker Richard.

As a quality cue brand, we supply cues to all the dealers, snooker clubs & billiards stores around the world. Such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, Spain, and New Zealand. Welcome players to shop gear on your local authorized stores. Mark had set up stores on eBay uk and Amazon uk but finally shut down.

Today, Mark Richard sold over 50,000 worldwide, which seems to make it one of the best-selling online Starter/intermediate cue brands.

As usual, Mark Richard is also well known for its excellent service, offering a wide range of high-quality products for players of starter&intermediate and limited budgets.

Mark will continue his Never Give Up startup story in the billiards industry.